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About Us

There's no feeling like being on the open water. It's the one time we feel in total control of our life.

Our brand's mission is to raise awareness for the power of fishing and the water to change lives. Originally inspired by a group of veterans who were able to heal through fishing & the water, we were also able to kill stress and all the personal problems we faced by doing the same. We want to spread this message through our brand and continue to help change lives. Every purchase made is a big step towards making this vision come true.

Based in Chicago, our apparel is 100% designed and proudly shipped from the United States of America. We strive to create only premium products that rival high-end fashion companies in quality, at an affordable price. No shortcuts. We put all of our effort into making sure each piece of clothing is something you'll be proud to wear.

Join our crew and be a part of our family. We are Marine Aces.

-Manny, CEO & Founder